Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pitcher Breakdowns Daily - May 15

This post is the first of it's kind, but it won't be the last. No, this post will be the first of many - one a day, which you probably guessed from the title.

There will be a few sections to this series, so for today I'll explain in italics below each section heading what each section will be. Feel free to skip to the sections you find useful or interesting. Sections that will be on every daily are marked with a *. Others may come and go.

1. Stream(s) of the Day*
In this section, I will pick my top pitcher(s) to stream for that day, and give them a grade (A-F). To qualify, a pitcher must be owned in 30% or less ESPN leagues.

Dan Straily (vs PHI)
Grade: C
Straily isn't anything special (4.86 FIP), but he does have a 3.46 ERA so far and draws a juicy matchup with a Phillies lineup that owns a .283 wOBA vs RHP on the season

2. Must-watch Pitching Matchup(s)
For a while, I was doing a pitching matchup of the day series. What I discovered is that some days the best matchup is still pretty mediocre, so I stopped doing that series and replaced it with this one. I still love a great pitching matchup, so when there is a good one (like today) I'll give it a shoutout here.

Gerrit Cole (3-3, 3.78 ERA) vs Jon Lester (4-1, 1.96 ERA)

The MLB At Bat app originally had this as Cole vs Arrieta, which had me far too excited for my own good. I'll settle for this one

3. Vulture Saves Watch*
From the Twitter account @VultureSaves (which I operate), updates on possibly unavailable closers and the setup men who could see save opportunities if those closers are rested. I assign football injury report style designations (probable, questionable, doubtful, out) to each closer as well as grades A-F to potential vultures.

1. Joel Peralta
Grade: A
Steve Cishek has thrown 55 pitches in two days, blowing back to back saves.

2. Chad Qualls
Grade: C
Jake McGee has tossed in back to back games as well as three of the last four.

3. Fernando Salas
Grade: C
Joe Smith has also gone back to back and 3 of 4.

4. Sam Dyson
Grade: C-
Shawn Tolleson threw 28 pitches in today's blown save.

4. My GIF of the Day Vote*
The site has a daily feature with the best pitching GIFs from the previous day, and they include a poll to find the GIF of the Day. Just for fun, I'll let you know what I voted for.

Pitcher List combines Friday, Saturday and Sunday into one post, so this one will have to wait to make it's debut.

5. Stat of the Day
This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Should be a fun one though.

We finally got to see the Yankees bullpen of death in action, and it was as advertised. 10 batters faced, 8 strikeouts.

Chapman, Miller and Betances rank 1st, 3rd and 5th in baseball history(!) in K%. Insanity.

Also, No Run DMC (Dellin-Miller-Chapman) is a fun nickname.

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