Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pitching Breakdowns Daily - May 18

Welcome back, to those who have read this before, and welcome to those who haven't! Let's get down to business:

1. Stream of the Day
Only pitchers owned in less than 30% of ESPN leagues are eligible.

Quite a few unowned pitchers in plus matchups, but for the most part, there's good reasons they're unowned: they're not very good. I'm sure one or two will have a good game, but there's certainly risk. If you need to take the gamble, go for it, but I don't envy you. There is one streamer I'm particularly fond of, however:

Mike Clevinger
Grade: B
Making his major league debut, Clevinger gets a nice matchup, but this is more about the skills I feel he brings to the table. In a deeper league, I think he warrants more than a stream.

As for the aforementioned dice rolls, Brandon Finnegan, Martin Perez, RA Dickey, and Tom Koehler all have nice matchups but questionable skillsets. I'd say they're all in the C-/D+ grade range. Forced to pick one, I'll take Dickey. He looked good last time out, and knuckleballers tend to be streaky. Maybe this is the start of a great hot streak for Dickey.

2. Vulture Saves Watch
From the Twitter account @VultureSaves (which I operate), updates on possibly unavailable closers and the setup men who could see save opportunities if those closers are rested. I assign football injury report style designations (probable, questionable, doubtful, out) to each closer as well as grades A-F to potential vultures.

I'll be updating as games happen.

1. Jon Axford, OAK
Grade: A-
Madson is highly doubtful, having pitched three in a row and four of the last five. The only thing stopping Axford from being an A+ vulture is the presence of Doolittle if a lefty-heavy portion of the lineup comes up in the 9th.

2. Tony Watson, PIT
Grade: C
Mark Melancon has thrown three straight days, and is doubtful. I'm not sure if it'll be Watson or Feliz in the 9th, but I'd lean towards Watson.

3. Neftali Feliz, PIT
Grade: C-
See above.

3. My GIF of the Day Vote
The site pitcherlist.com has a daily feature with the best pitching GIFs from the previous day, and they include a poll to find the GIF of the Day. Just for fun, I'll let you know what I voted for.


I voted for Drew Smyly's curve, which is in 3rd on the poll. Jerad Eickhoff's curve is the current leader.

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