Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some Thoughts on Matt Harvey's Bounceback Outing

 Matt Harvey has struggled mightily, but he just put together a great start yesterday. Here are a few takeaways. I also posted this on the Rotoworld Forums:
Just got done watching the whole start (doesn't take very long when he faces 2 over the minimum)

My takeaways:

Fastball/changeup location was great. Curveball location was a little inconsistent. He missed up with the curve a few times, but they weren't total hangers. They had the same drop, just didn't start out as low as he wanted.

He attacked hitters with confidence and really trusted his stuff. Only went to a 3 ball count twice.

Changeup was nasty.

Velocity was up, and he maintained it throughout the game as well as when going from the stretch.

He kept the ball on the ground very well. Which meant when a ball was hit hard (only a couple times) it didn't do any damage (0 XBH)

His body language was excellent, even when he was in a bit of trouble. In the 7th inning, he walked Eaton (who had a great AB, Harvey didn't pitch too him poorly Eaton just did a great job), and then got a groundball from Abreu that wasn't hit very hard and could've been a DP but found a hole. I feel like Harvey from earlier this year would've started to melt down here, and I especially felt like Warthen coming out coupled with action in the pen would've shaken his confidence but instead he was smiling during the mound conference. He then caused Frazier to yell at himself on multiple occasions during the AB while getting him to pop-out with three straight fastballs on the hands and then getting a groundout from I don't remember who. In the dugout afterward he was enthusiastically high-fiving teammates. Dude was fired up. Loved the body language, especially considering how poor it's been this year. He was really feeding off the crowd (the same crowd that had been booing him earlier this year). It was really fun to watch.

I haven't watched enough Harvey prior to this season to say whether he looked like his old self, but I will say that he looked like AN ace.

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